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When you visit the city of Andalucia of the province of Cordoba, Spain, never miss to visit the town of Baena. This city Baena is blessed with beautiful nature never seen before in any part of Europe. Certainly you would love to visit the place again and again; such is the beauty of this great town. The town is blessed with great river Marbella which flows right near the town. Just near the river is the hill and the picturesque is so beautiful that you would love to extend your stay in this great town.

It is not only the beautiful environment; there are many places of historical importance. For example just on the slopes of the mountain there is a castle and it is said that the castle actually belonged to Gonzalo de Cordova who was a Captain of the local army. This century old castle is retained in perfect condition even to this day. As you move along the outskirts of the town towards the Southern side, you find the great Sierras Natural Park. This park is the home for many rare species of plants and also for many birds and other animals including some species of reptiles etc.

As you move further, you will see the famous Roman town where some of the antiquities of Roman period can be seen. In fact these antiquities have been exhibited in the museum specially built for the purpose.

The Castillo de Baena castle is another place of interest. This castle is believed to have been built in the 9th Century and it was built on the existing structure believed to have been built by the Romans. The interesting feature of this castle is that it has two towers and each facing the doorway and the Santa Barbara Arch. The tower has beautiful arches. The castle has separate room with Mudejar where the generals of the army used to hold meetings.

Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor is the church which is believed to have been built on the existing mosque. Historians say the church was built in the 12th century. It is the best example of the traditional Gothic Architecture. The main entrance is beautifully decorated with great works of sculpture. Inside the church, there is a chapel also.

Tour operators are of the opinion that sightseeing in ferienwohnung spanien Baena can be completed in one day. If the tourists want to extend their stay, they can do so and for this purpose there are many hotels and apartments.

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